Are you running before your feet hit the ground each morning? Are you speeding through the day without pausing to talk to our Creator? Does the thought of Bible study intrigue, yet overwhelm you? If so, you have come to the right starting block. 

The goal of this ministry is to get people to study the living, breathing Word of God, The Bible. 

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Since I am still learning myself, I do this by inviting others to join me as I study engaging Bible study books written by spirit-filled men and women. My goal is get people to start with a study book and then become even hungrier for the word of God!

Ready Set Scripture is a great way for people "on the go" to participate in a Bible study.  Even if you don't have the time to add another book to your reading list, you can still join me as I help you to "sprint" through some great Bible study books written by a variety of uplifting authors. 

You can choose to read along in the book or "sprint" through the study by receiving a daily summary from the book via email. Each summary also includes a scripture from the best book ever written, the Bible!

There are a lot of great Bible study books just waiting to teach us more about God, about scripture, and about living a Christ-like life. The "sprints" are designed to be quick reads for your busy lifestyle, yet motivating enough to get your heart racing for God each morning.   Join my email list to start receiving your week day "Bible Study Sprints" and get your fast paced day started on the right foot.